Passionate about Training Direct Sales Consultants

Training is Shari McAllister's life passion. She founded Average to Excellence in 2008 committed to making a positive impact on the direct sales industry.

Direct sales is a totally different market today than when Shari started as a consultant in 1985; it's significantly different than it was just five years ago. Shari's participants get results because Shari continually updates her training for today's hostess, consultant, and leader. She only teaches what is proven-successful in the field. To do this Shari personally coaches 30+ leaders and consultants so when there is a shift in the market she knows about it immediately. Within a week Shari knows how to adjust or take advantage of the shift.

Shari's experience in the field and as a direct sales corporate executive enables her solve any challenge direct sales party plan consultants, leaders, and their companies may face.

How Shari Went from Average to Excellence in Direct Sales

Shari's start in the direct sales party plan business was pretty ordinary. Back in 1985, while operating an in-home daycare, Shari attended a party. When the consultant talked about a free trip to Mexico that she'd earned, Shari was hooked. Shari didn't start out with any grand aspirations. It just sounded a whole lot better that 13 hour days running her in-home daycare. Shari's goals and her self-confidence were modest. As she met her goals her confidence grew. Within a few years Shari's life changed forever.

Shari was in the field for eleven years for three direct sales companies; she reached the top levels in all three. One Shari-lead team skyrocketed from $0 to $14 million per year in just six years. Six of her top level leaders were earning six-figures per year. She developed and led 140 leaders including two Regional Vice Presidents and four Senior Regional Vice Presidents. Shari became known not only as a fast tracker - but one who helped other people reach the top faster than she did!

Shari created systems to make it easy and efficient to do what worked. Known as the "how to" girl, Shari taught her systems to her growing team and discovered how to create outstanding teams quickly. Her no-nonsense, focus-on-what-works style paid off for Shari and her teams.

Next, Shari spent fourteen years working at the executive level in three direct sales party plan companies. She opened new areas, was a corporate sales trainer, and was vice president of sales.

If you are looking for an experienced direct sales professional who is passionate about your direct sales success - you've found her. Whether Shari McAllister is on stage or on a tele-conference line, participants are energized by her fun and engaging style, and eager put to use what they've learned because they know exactly what to do, why to do it, and how to do it.

Contact us today to talk about how to make your next conference, regional training, retreat, or teleseminar an amazing success by giving your field what they need to build their business bigger, better, and faster in today's market.