Consulting for Direct Sales Companies

If your direct sales company is achieving great success, struggling, or getting ready to launch, Shari McAllister can help you get on the fast track to success. Shari's strength is building large organizations through proven-successful, systematic processes.

Sharpen Your Company's Direct Sales Marketing, Training, and Incentive Programs

Launching and growing a successful direct sales party plan company is complex and challenging. Make sure your team has the advice and insights of a results-driven, fast track direct sales veteran who is passionate about helping your company overcome every obstacle that could slow your success or threaten your company and the livelihood of your consultants and leaders. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from having the critical areas of marketing, recruiting and training handled so your corporate office can focus on other areas.

As a direct sales business consultant, Shari has successfully led the creation and execution of countless training programs, incentive strategies, leader retreats, and national conventions. Shari consistently drives goal-exceeding results for the organizations and the field teams she inspires!

Ensure your company incentives and marketing are setup to produce solid growth and profitability. Consulting to create, review, or revise your

Shari helps successful direct sales companies to create dynamic growth by spotting warning signs quickly, addressing underlying issues, and implementing plans for strategic growth.

If your direct sales company's growth is stalled or slipping Shari will create strategic plans and processes to increase sales, recruiting, and leadership. You'll see dramatic increases in bookings, sales, recruiting, and promotions in just a few weeks.

Direct sales companies preparing to launch reap the rewards of

Fast Track Your Company with the Direct Sales "How To" Expert
Shari McAllister

Shari brings a unique and powerful understanding of how both the field and corporate sides of the direct sales industry work and what they both need to do to be successful. Earning the incentive trip her very first year in the business, 1985, Shari McAllister fast tracked to the top in three direct sales companies over the course of eleven years. She reached top one percent sales status in all three - and trained her leaders to reach the top faster than she did! One team skyrocketed from zero to $14 million/year in just six years with six of her top leaders earning six-figures / year. She developed and led 140 leaders. Shari moved to the corporate side, at the executive level, for fourteen years, in three different direct sales party plan companies.

Field-Proven Success Across All Types of Products and In All Areas

Shari is passionate about training consultants and leaders and consulting with direct sales companies to create massive success. She is dedicated to staying current with what is happening in the market, quickly spotting shifts, and either adapting to or taking advantage of those shifts. Over the last 25+ years Shari has developed an uncanny ability to train consultants to achieve remarkable results. She channels that same passion and expertise into helping direct sales companies succeed and thrive in any market conditions.

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