We are thrilled to work with so many amazing direct sales consultants, leaders and companies. We are humbled by the incredible results we hear about Shari McAllister's keynote speeches, corporate consulting, training, coaching, and products.

Income Skyrocketed 450% over Last Year after 3 Months of Coaching

"I have been with Thirty-One Gifts for 3.5 years and have never really had a game plan... I first heard of Shari about a year into my journey and even bought some of her products, which sat in my cupboard for years.

"...I decided to get serious... I made some big changes... and one of those changes was to hire a business coach. Shari's brilliance and experience speaks for itself... I was terrified that ...her experience and expertise would take me a while to save up for. Much to my surprise I found that her coaching [fees] are beyond reasonable.

"I swore that I would be 100% open, coachable and willing to learn and do whatever Shari told me to do as long as I understood why it was important. Shari has the stats, hands on experience and knowledge to back up her training and is always willing to dig deeper and help you understand the importance of anything you question.

"I am absolutely blown away by my progress in just 3 short months. I still have so much to learn from Shari... I know this is just the beginning...  

"In 3 short months my home party count has gone from 1 - 2 a month to 8 - 10. I stopped focusing on my sales and started focusing on my bookings. My personal volume has become a by-product of the party. (March 2018, $2,200 PV vs March 2019, $9,935).

"More importantly - my confidence in my ability to party has sky-rocketed. Because I am consistently partying, I get better with every party. I don't waste time preparing or getting nervous. The Party cards and dice game make it easy and effective for me to do my job!

"As if all that isn't enough, I have also been recruiting women who actually want to work the business and helping them get started strong!

"Working with Shari has completely changed the direction my business is headed, and I know we are just getting started! I can't wait to see how far I can take this because of Shari's plan and my work and dedication!"

~ Crystal Verot
Sr. Director, Thirty One- Gifts

Crystal Verot - Thirty-One Gifts Distributor
Thirty-One Gifts

Achieved Breakthrough Results by Following Simple, Proven-Successful Steps

"When I started following Shari's training in October my organization volume was $15,527, I had one leader and my income was $2,229.

"By March it had grown to $49,554 in sales, 5 leaders and my income was $6,051! By May it was $59,205 in sales, 7 leaders and $7,778 in income.

"I've been so pleased with the results I've been seeing since I've started working with Shari. I appreciate the fact that Shari keeps everything simple - offering tools to keep my business and time organized, team trainings and building skills as well as personal development. She makes the training simple - everything has a process and she gives you the numbers to back up why the process is so important - she never gives you the training without having researched it herself. I've been able to use her trainings and guidance (Launch Plus Four, Let's Get Started, and Strong Start) to develop a more streamlined and organized downline - helping not only myself feel organized but helping my leaders feel more prepared and new consultants more successful.

"Honestly, before working with Shari I had lost all belief that I could see the success that I've seen in these past 9 months. I can't even begin to express my gratitude both personally and professionally."

~ Terri O'Neill, Sr. Director
Touchstone Crystal

Terri O’Neill, Sr. Director, Touchstone Crystal
Touchstone Crystal

Easy-to-Use Team Meeting Kits Address the Challenges My Consultants are Facing Now

"My team meetings are fun, engaging and provide great information whether team members are brand new or seasoned consultants and they don't take a lot of time to prepare! I use Shari's team meeting kits every month and my entire team, including my leader team, loves them! Team meeting kits have themes and flow with great booking, sponsoring tools and tips that are current for what is going on now! For example, last month's topic "Reason for Contact" why are people booking parties or joining our team now? Followed by an awesome team challenge!"

"Thank you Shari for providing us with this amazing service that makes my job so much easier!"

~ Evyonne Cruikshank
Key Director, Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

Evyonne Cruikshank - Key Director, Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

After Seven Months of Coaching Sales Are Up Over 1000% for Her Downline

"Shari is the key to my business change. She listens to me; she coaches ME; our calls are productive, smart and focused...on me and MY business. In the seven months I've been her client, I've gone from $1,400/month to, get this... $27,000/month last month. I've personally promoted FIVE times, with my final promotion right around the corner. Our Team Volume has TRIPLED, and our entire downline has gone from $183,000 in monthly sales to over $2 million in monthly sales. We sell a $15 product! Our team has grown from 582 to 9,788! We have 146 total leaders with 31 of those being Executives or above; four are the top of the company! When I started coaching, we had one exec and 10 leaders total. And the most amazing stat for me is that we've promoted six front line leaders! I couldn't be happier with my decision to make an investment into myself and our team with Shari! I'll be her client and friend for life. And I'd HIGHLY recommend [Shari] to anyone serious about leadership! Simply put, Shari is a rockstar!"

~ CJ Summers
Founding Premier Executive, Jamberry

CJ Summers - Founding Premier Executive, Jamberry

Relevant Training for Today's Challenges Transformed Results Across the Board

"… [Shari] is incredibly knowledgeable, extremely professional, and totally relevant to what's happening in the world of direct sales. She has her finger on the pulse of this ever-changing, frequently-evolving world. Her training was invaluable to our field of independent consultants.

"Her expert training transformed the way our consultants booked and held home parties, recruited new team members, and increased their sales commissions; which in turn increased sales volume and recruiting across the board for the company. She was instrumental in creating incentive programs, developing training systems and techniques, and motivating our sales force.

"… [Shari] is an authentic, enthusiastic, empowering individual with integrity, style, and grace. She is loyal, driven, and dependable and someone I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with. I wholeheartedly endorse her, both for her knowledgeable skills and training, and charismatic personality. Shari is a valuable asset to any company fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with her. "

~ Stephanie Appleton
President and Founder, Mia Bath & Body


Dynamic Keynote Speech Created Amazing Results in the Field

"Having heard wonderful feedback and results from our consultants and leaders in our field that were working with Shari McAllister we invited her to train at our National Conference in 2012. Her simple 8 step plan to explosive growth training generated amazing results for our consultants and leaders at Touchstone Crystal. As the Director of Sales and a 20 year veteran in the field I can say Shari's training was brilliant. She has taken the basics of this business and put it into a simple system that consultants of all levels can apply to their business. We have continued to partner with Shari and look forward to a long term relationship."

~ Kay Higbie
Director of Sales, Touchstone Crystal

Kay Higbie - Director of Sales, Touchstone Crystal
Touchstone Crystal

Results Oriented Leader Coaching

"…my income grew from $1,400/month to $4,800/month in 5 months; $10,000/month in nine months and $15,000/month in just over a year! Within 22 months … my income jumped to $49,000 that month! The most exciting part is, we didn't add 274 people to my organization in 18 months as planned ...we added 365 to my Director team alone in 16 months!! Plus all the new team members added to my organization. This is incredible!"

~ Martine Williams
National Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Martine Williams - National Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts
Thirty-One Gifts

Much Anticipated Keynote Speaker

"Shari's presentation at conference was much anticipated due to the fact that her Dice Game had been credited with transforming many businesses because of its ability to consistently create multiple bookings at each party! Shari took the time to tailor her presentation to reflect the language and philosophies reflective of our culture which really helps keep the listeners focused! Shari's energy and strong delivery added value to the actual content! Her messages were very practical and nearly a year later Shari is still quoted by the leaders who heard her which demonstrates that she left an impression upon our team! Thank you Shari!"

~ Diane Nopenz
Vice President of Sales, Jockey Person to Person

Jockey Person to Person

Thanks to Your Teleseminar Training My Business has Gone Through the Roof!

"My Thirty-One business has gone through the roof…. I give you and your great training a lot of credit for that. Thanks to your great training and mentoring, my team went from 9 in January 2010, to a whopping 168 in December!!! I had 34 personal recruits in 2010! I have promoted from Senior Consultant to Director, Senior Director, and now Executive Director, all in 2010! You are amazing and I thank you so much for your wisdom! My team knows that ---if Shari says to do it, DO IT!!"

~ Lynn Pfost, Louisville, Kentucky
Senior Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Lynn Pfost - Senior Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Team Training and Party Tools Transformed My Business

"I've found the missing link in my business!! After listening to your conference calls about productive priorities and maximizing this fall season … my business is entering a new phase. Last night, I had a party with 8 women in attendance (including the hostess), we played your dice game, and 6 of the guests booked parties! Plus, I had so much fun using your show cards that I can't wait to get out the door to my next party. …Finally, I'm having FUN at my parties again! … I've set a goal to own all of your products within 6 months! I wish I'd found you sooner … and can't wait to own all of your CD's so that I can take you with me to every party! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~ Carolynn Wain
Senior Executive Sales Manager, Norwex


Blown Away by her Promotion within 30 Days of Shari's Training

"I attended Shari's Fast Track to Leadership teleseminar training series for Jamberry Consultants, March 25th - April 15th. I am thrilled to say that I promoted to Team Manager on April 30th!!! Thank you, Shari! I really enjoyed your training and learned a lot! I feel that your training gave me that extra little push that I needed! I had actually set my goal of reaching Team Manager for June 29th and was BLOWN AWAY to achieve it on the 30th April!!! Thank you again!"

~ Sarah Brueckner
Team Manager, Jamberry

Sarah Brueckner, Team Manager, Jamberry

Experiencing "Off the Charts Success" After Team Teleseminar Training

"… my business has taken off since I did the Off The Charts Success [teleseminar training series] with you! I am experiencing my highest PV month ever, I am at $7,500 so far! I earned my 1st ever Leadership Trip Incentive. I have recruited 10 people since I started your course! I am just in awe!! I am a Senior Director, but have never been a top performer! I am just thankful for what you have done for me!"

~ Steph Helmbrecht
Independent Senior Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Steph Helmbrecht - Independent Senior Director, Thirty-One Gifts
Thirty-One Gifts

Hiring Shari to Train Our Sales Field Was Money Well Spent

"I have had the pleasure to work extensively with Shari McAllister when she was chosen by my company to offer presentations and training to our sales field. The decision to hire Shari in this capacity has proven to be money well spent."

~ Rob Barnes
Founder, Sensaria Natural Body Care


Shari's Training and Coaching Put Me on Course to Huge Success in My Direct Selling Career

"Shari McAllister was the one element that set me on the course for huge success in my direct selling career… Her training and personal coaching helped to develop a team that earned me over $25,000 last month alone. I will forever thank her for building me into the leader that I am today."

~ Barbie Collins-Young
Senior Regional Vice President, PartyLite Gifts

Barbie Collins-Young - Senior Regional Vice President, PartyLite Gifts
PartyLite Gifts

A Keynote Speaker Who Delivers Results

"I would highly recommend Shari to anyone who is looking for a speaker for their event. Her seniority in the Direct Sales industry and success she has personally achieved is evident in every aspect of her training and motivation."

~ Barb Willard
Senior Director of Sales and Field Development, Homemade Gourmet

Barb Willard - Senior Director of Sales and Field Development, Homemade Gourmet

Setting Up a Live Teleseminar Series Was Easy!

"Setting up the call series The Complete Party Plan Success was so easy. Shari's team was very informative, easy to work with and answered all my questions throughout the series. Shari's coaching is AMAZING and is right on target for today's market. Hiring Shari to train my team was one of the best decisions I have made. My team is more engaged in their business, partying more and recruiting more than ever. My calendar is filling up and my recruiting has increased after using Shari's training. I love the momentum I am seeing from my team since we started this series."

~ Becky Garner, Monroe, Georgia
Sr. Exexutive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Becky Garner - Sr. Exexutive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Inspiring and Engaging Keynote Speaker

"Our consultants were delighted and inspired by Shari's personal stories of success, her direct approach to training and very engaging presentation style. Thank you Shari!"

~ Amelia Warren
CEO, Epicure Selections/Victorian

Amelia Warren - CEO, Epicure Selections/Victorian

Outstanding Training Equipped Team to Boost Results

"Shari was an amazing speaker! Her ability to connect with the field and present on current direct sale information was outstanding! Using the skills she equipped us with allowed for more parties and recruits!"

~ Jennifer Barrett Cornell
National Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Jennifer Barrett Cornell - National Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Developed Incredible Training Tools for Field

"Working with Shari is such a delight! Shari's knowledge and experience of the Party Plan side of Direct Sales has been an incredible resource to our team us as we launch Ballymena! Our field loves the tools she has created to help them be successful right away. Her training programs embrace the proven fundamentals of direct sales but with Shari's fresh new approach."

~ Vicki Ray
Corporate Director, Ballymena

Vicki Ray - Corporate Director, Ballymena

Training Launches Team for One of Their Best Months Ever

"After hearing you speak at our event in February, I had 7 parties, 3 recruits and my highest PV ever of $3,289.00 in March! My team had one of its best months ever and my future leader had 2 recruits. It's only going to get better! That was a huge jump from what I/they had been doing! Thank you for sharing what you know works!"

~ Sheri Lyn Stills
Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Sheri Lyn Stills - Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Jump Start Your Business in 7 Days" Program Really Works!

"… after sharing your program with my team at our January Kick Off Meeting we all decided we would do your program together… it worked! I have been in this business for 7 years and I have NEVER booked 14 shows in 7 days. Your training was simple and kept me focused on the income producing activities I needed to do to get my schedule where I wanted it. Thanks so much."

~ Barbara Farnsworth
Independent Sales Director and New Consultant Coach, The Pampered Chef

Barbara Farnsworth - Independent Sales Director and New Consultant Coach, The Pampered Chef

Shari Delivers Results - An Instant Asset to any Direct Sales Corporate Office

"Shari McAllister was a phenomenal hire! Within 6 months, our qualification rate for new consultants went from 14% to 58% and our leaders went from holding 1 to 2 shows per month to 8 to 10 per month! In the 18 months Shari worked with us, our leader team grew from 4 to 38, including 4 Directors and 2 Gold Directors.

"Shari has the ability to analyze career plans, incentives, marketing materials, field communication and training materials quickly and offer suggestions. She is an exceptional convention planner and speaker coach. Her greatest strength is her ability to move the field to higher levels through her training and coaching.

"Shari's knowledge, professionalism, and her [25] years of experience in Direct Sales as a consultant in the field and as a corporate executive for several companies makes her an instant asset to any company with which she works."

~ Michael Dougherty, Chairman & CEO
Kindermusik International and Do-Re-Me & You


Setting Up Team Teleseminars is Easy and My Team Loves Them

"Setting up a call series with Shari was WAY easier than I expected. I chose from one of three series options, her team set up a registration site and sent me marketing information with exactly what to say to my team. It really couldn't have been any easier. My team is excited and having a blast with the training. It's so awesome to have an expert coach your team! I plan to set up more trainings in the near future."

~ CJ Summers, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Founding Executive, Jamberry

CJ Summers - Founding Executive, Jamberry

In Her Powerful Keynote Speeches Shari Tells ‘Em Exactly How To Do it

"Shari's success commands credibility and respect, and her presentation style brings instant rapport with her audience. Not only did she tell them 'what' to do to be successful, Shari told them exactly 'how' to do it."

~ Mark Appleoff
VP Business Development, GemStyle


Live Team Training Delivers Impressive Results

"I have hired Shari two times to train my team. She works with so many people active in the field; she always brings great insight and fresh ideas with her. Before she arrived she worked with me to customize her trainings for what my girls needed most. My girls love all the books, programs, and training materials she offers at the events. It helps them build on the excitement and ideas they gather at the training. After hiring Shari we saw a spike in recruiting both times. I saw new girls diving right in with confidence. On a personal level my most successful year in Direct Sales started with a "Building a Recruiting Culture" training Shari offered. That year I promoted out six leaders and was in the Top 25 Bonus earner with my company. Whenever I see a dip in performance I know all my team and I need to get back on track is Shari!"

~ Rachel Sauers Wojtylko, Detroit, Michigan
Senior Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Rachel Sauers Wojtylko - Senior Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

My Team Loves Shari's Teleseminars

"I have had so many emails telling me how the first call with Shari was so worth it!! This is my second call series with Shari as well as owning her CDs. Shari's trainings are nothing like I have heard in my 12 years of listening and studying many, many trainers in the field! She is honest and to the point with ideas and topics that are above and beyond the rest!!"

~ Gina LaGalbo, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Elite Executive Manager, L'Bri Pure n' Natural

Gina LaGalbo - Elite Executive Manager, L'Bri Pure n' Natural

Live Team Training Made Getting Bookings Easier Than Ever

"Shari's trainings on how to book parties the new way have been instrumental in taking my empty calendar to over 16 bookings! Getting bookings has never been easier for me AND my team! When consultants start using a simple "fun, fast & easy" text to ask for parties, they immediately start getting bookings! Thank you Shari for always staying on top of our industry and providing us with the most up to date trainings! You are the BEST!"

~ Yvonne Denslow
Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Yvonne Denslow - Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Loves Her Platinum Elite Membership

"The group coaching calls are wonderful. I love being able to ask questions directly to you (Shari) about any area where I am struggling. I also am loving that I can attend ALL of the monthly training calls! … My favorite part of being a Platinum Elite Member is the team meetings! I used to feel so lost … now I have everything I need to motivate, encourage, and teach them, and give them proper recognition each month! It's really easy to follow the format. … it even tells me how to decorate and what snacks to have. You really cover everything! The first time I used the kit I felt so awkward, but my team absolutely loved it. I had great feedback on the surveys. Now I feel so confident! I can just visualize my meetings double in attendance each month! I look forward to receiving the new kit every month!"

~ Christie Mills


Shari's Article Featured in the Direct Selling Women's Alliance Magazine

"Shari, we would like to personally thank you for consistently sharing your words of wisdom with members of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA). We wanted to congratulate and acknowledge you for being selected as a featured article author in this month's Mentored by the Masters Program. Your article, 'Protect Your Calendar/Protect Your Income' is being circulated amongst all participants of this special program."

~ With Gratitude
The Direct Selling Women's Alliance Team


Transformed My Vision of What I See As Possible For Myself

"Since the start of your training with Cj, I've booked 14 parties, two fundraisers, three people sign up last month and two signing up this week! Even did my first vendor event! Thank you so much for all the training. I've gained so much confidence, I'm disabled, so didn't think I'd be able to amount to much. You showed me otherwise!"

Thank you again so very much!"

~ Carole Hamilton & Cynthia Dumas (mother/daughter team)
Lead Consultant, Jamberry Nails

Carole Hamilton & Cynthia Dumas, Lead Consultant, Jamberry Nails

My Direct Sales Business Grew To New Heights after Working with Shari

"Shari is one of the best trainers in the industry. After working with Shari, I watched my business grow to new heights including earning our company's incentive trip. Shari's excitement is contagious! The mentoring I received from Shari, both one-on-one and through group training is priceless and is the major key to reaching my dreams. Thanks, Shari!"

~ Jenifer Welch
Unit Leader, Simply Fun


Now I Get Plenty of Bookings Plus I Give Parties to My Team!

"I am so excited with the results I have been getting since taking Shari's advice on how to get bookings! I feel like I found the missing piece to a puzzle because it has taken my calendar from struggling to having plenty [of parties] for myself and giving some away to my team! Holding parties is the heart of my business and it can be done even with women being busier today than ever before!"

~ Kara Yoder
Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Kara Yoder - Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Four 1-Hour Teleseminar Training Calls Transformed My Business!

"… this 4 week [Fast Track to Leadership] training from Sheri made my biz bloom. I was struggling with booking parties and getting recruits. After 4 short 1 hour calls I was booking anywhere from 2-5 parties at every party and now have amazing confidence in my biz and am in the process of walking several girls thru signing up. THIS TRAINING TRULY CHANGED MY BIZ !!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!"

~ Courtney Quinones
Advanced Consultant, Pure Romance

Courtney Quinones - Advanced Consultant, Pure Romance

Party Cards

"I used them for the first time with a group of ladies that have done several parties with me already. Some of them have been to 4 parties, and I figured it was a good group to get feedback regarding Party Cards. It was so much fun! They loved being able to participate more, I gave out tickets for reading the cards and asking me questions and the loved getting tickets to win free product, and I loved that I wasn't the only one doing all the talking the whole presentation. Plus, they said they know more about Jamberry than they did before which means I was leaving important info out of my previous party format! The results?! There were 6 people at the party, including the host, 4 have been to multiple parties and 2 were brand new to Jamberry. Of the 6 people 3 have already hosted parties, and one of the ladies that had not previously hosted told me at the last party she was not the party type and was not interested in hosting. Well I walked out of that party with bookings from the 3 ladies that had yet to host, including the "I'm not the party type" person! I have never had 3 bookings from a single party before!!! It was fun, easy, kept the party moving along, and I love that it "forces" me to talk about all aspects of Jamberry like the business opportunity. I glossed over that before because I didn't want to be pushy, but now they actually hear the info they need and want to hear!"

~ Jen Yeatman
Independent Consultant, Jamberry

Jen Yeatman - Independent Consultant, Jamberry

Shari McAllister specializes in keynote speeches, corporate consulting, training, coaching, and products that deliver "fast track" results for direct sales party plan consultants, team leaders, and direct sales companies.

Contact us today to discover how easy and cost-effective it is to inspire your team and give them the tools and information they need to achieve fast track results now.