Private Coaching for Direct Sales Team Leaders
with Shari McAllister

Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with your direct sales party plan business? Are you constantly struggling trying to figure out how to be successful, live a balanced life, book parties, recruit, build leaders, and all of the other critical aspects of your direct sales party plan business?

Now, through private coaching, you can learn exactly what you need to do from the fast-track direct sales professional who grew one of her teams from $0 to $14 million a year in just six years! And better yet - Shari taught her team leaders how to reach the top even faster than she did!

Through private coaching with Shari McAllister you'll discover how to

No matter where you are at now, the dream lifestyle you've wished for is within reach if you are ready to take action. Shari will analyze your business then collaborate with you on a plan that will create the business and income you desire. That's it! You don't need to figure it out alone!

If you

Will You Have to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Reach Your Dream Lifestyle?

If you are wondering whether Shari will coach you to do things you don't want to do - the answer is yes! All the things you do now are within your comfort zone. The only way to get new results is to stretch your comfort zone. And a magical thing happens - what was once scary becomes familiar and suddenly easy. And, as you grow your comfort zone, the invisible limits you have put on yourself start to loosen. Creating your dream lifestyle will not only come into clearer focus it will start happening. Shari has coached and trained thousands of direct sales party plan consultants and team leaders who started out right where you are today. And, like them, you can create unimaginable success in your business and do it faster and more easily than they ever dreamed possible - right now, with Shari by your side letting you know exactly what to do, why to do it, and how to do it.

Are You Ready for a Promotion?

In direct sales, you don't have to wait for someone to recognize your hard work. You promote yourself whenever and as often as you like. And, there is no competition for the position you want. If you desire to be a top sales person or aspire to be a director - it's in your hands.

How to Get Started with Private Coaching for Direct Sales Team Leaders

Your first step is to contact our office to put your name on the waiting list. Shari's coaching schedule is typically full but new slots open up regularly throughout the year; your wait may be as short as just a few weeks. Private coaching is structured with a commitment of six 45 minute coaching calls. The fee for six calls is $500, due when you book your first session. We can schedule your calls weekly, every other week, or monthly depending on your schedule and Shari's, and what works best for you. When you complete your six coaching calls you are welcome to schedule another six coaching calls. Many clients have been coaching weekly and bi-weekly with Shari for several years.

If you are ready to dramatically increase your income by learning how to work smarter and more efficiently contact us today to get on Shari's private coaching waiting list!