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Teleseminars for Direct Sales Consultants

It's Easy To Make Your Next Training Event
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Are you stressed or frustrated because

The Effortless, Affordable, Fail-Proof Training Solution

Hosting teleseminars lead by fast track speaker and trainer Shari McAllister is easy! Shari has been leading successful teleseminars for field-based teams for six years; she and her team will handle everything so you won't have to lift a finger.

From here on out you can sit back and relax. Our team will:


Teleseminars setup by a team leader: Each registrant pays a modest fee, typically $45 for a four call series or $65 for a six call series. A minimum of 25 registrants are required for teleseminar training.

Teleseminars setup by a corporate office: Teleseminar's hosted by a corporate office are typically paid by the home office and provided at no cost to the field. Contact us regarding fees.

Our two most popular seminar series are Fast Track to Leadership (4 calls) and Off the Charts Success (6 calls).

Are You Ready To Add Energy And Excitement Within Your Team?

Within a couple of weeks of your team's teleseminar you'll see significant increases in bookings, sales, recruiting, and promotions. You and your team will get results and make dramatically more money by participating in teleseminar training.

Schedule Shari to train your team any time of year! Your team will get excited, motivated, and move to unprecedented heights! Shari will train your team on what to do, why to do it, and exactly how to do it. Your team will learn the direct sales business tactics and strategies that work in today's market. Shari's training has built robust teams and incomes all over the country with any combination of products and compensation plans.

Contact us today to arrange convenient and affordable teleseminar training for your team or field - and get ready to see them produce dramatic results.