Direct Sales Team Training, Retreats,
and Field Training with Shari McAllister

Boost the Energy, Excitement, and Results of Your Direct Sales Field or Team

Let's face it - it's easy to get complacent over time. Focus gets fuzzy, energy dips, discouragement sets in - and results nose dive. When that happens your consultants wonder if it's the product, the company, or them! At team training and retreats consultants and leaders get excited and re-energized about their goals, your products, and your company. When they discover exactly what to do, why to do it, and how to do it in today's market they realize how easily they can book more parties, sell more products, and recruit. They return home ready to take action!

You'll See Dramatic, Measurable Results within Weeks of Your Training Event

Whether your direct sales consultants and leaders are charging ahead, holding their ground, or sliding backwards, within a couple of weeks of your training event you'll see a significant increase in bookings, sales, recruiting, and promotions.

"Fast track" trainer Shari McAllister will help your consultants and leaders to build to unprecedented heights! Her training builds strong teams and incomes all over the country - with any combination of products and compensation plans.

Unique Insights from Direct Sales' Fast Track Specialist

In the direct sales industry with party plan companies since 1985, Shari McAllister was in the field with three direct sales companies for eleven years. She reached top one percent sales status in all three - and trained her leaders to reach the top faster than she did! For the next fourteen years Shari worked at the executive level in three different direct sales party plan companies. Shari brings a unique and powerful understanding of how both the field and corporate sides of the direct sales work and what they both need to do to be successful.

Why Consultants Are Eager to Take Action
When They Hear Shari's Cutting Edge Strategies

Shari coaches 30+ consultants and leaders at all levels to stay current with the market. When the market shifts Shari knows it immediately and figures out how to adjust or take advantage of it. Shari is constantly updating her training to teach what is field-proven to work in today's market. It's one of the reasons that Shari's audience's get so energized and have such great results. You can practically see the light bulbs go on all around the room as attendees perk up and realize Shari knows exactly what they are facing and what to do differently.

It's simple - in Shari's trainings your field, teams, and leaders get the proven-successful, easy-to-use systems and processes they want and need. These fail-proof methods are tested and successful for all products in all areas. Consultants and leaders who follow steps consistently achieve dramatic results within weeks.

In-person trainings and retreats for audiences of 25+.

Don't Let Your Teams and Leaders
Waste Another Day Struggling To Figure It Out On Their Own

Contact us today - it's so easy to provide the knowledge and systems your consultants and leaders need to build their businesses bigger, better, and faster in today's market. Then step back and watch them amaze you (and themselves!).