Frequently Asked Questions
about The Dice Game and Party Cards

The Dice Game and Party Cards are two of Shari McAllister's most popular products. They have helped thousands of direct sales party plan consultants to hold more successful parties and get more bookings from their parties.

Q. What is the Dice Game and Party Card Consultant Bundle?

A. This is our 2 most popular items that we have bundled together (1 of each) at a discounted price because they work so well together at parties.

Q. Why do the Dice Game envelopes only have numbers 2-12, where is the #1 envelope?

A. The Dice Game Kit includes 2 dice and the envelopes correspond with the dice.

Q. When should I play the Dice Game Kit when using the Party Cards at my parties?

A. The best time to play the Dice Game Kit with your Party Card presentation is after card #4. After you have finished "stack the hostess".

Q. Why am I being charged shipping on the Party Tools Bundle PDF & MP3?

A. The Dice Game Kit and Party Cards that are included in this bundle are not downloadable products, these will be shipped within 3-5 business days of your order date.

Q. I purchased the physical book bundle, why did I receive the PDF?

A. We send the PDF version of ALL books to purchasers for filler/replacement use.

Q. How do I use the Dice Game and Party Cards for Maximum Results?

A. Listen to this 52 minute audio.

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