How to Add 8 Parties to Your Calendar
in the Next 7 Days

Most of us tend to book parties two or more weeks out. Let's say you have zero parties on your calendar right now, but you make booking contacts today and book one party 14 days out. By the time you hold that party and submit it, it will be about three weeks from today before you are paid on that party. Let's say you book two more parties from that party, two weeks out. It will be four weeks before you hold three parties and five weeks before you are paid on all of them!

What if you could book two parties to be held in the next seven days, and book three parties from each of those parties to be held in the next two weeks? You would be paid on the first two parties in about two weeks and another six parties in about four weeks. The sooner you book those first two parties, the sooner you start getting paid!

More importantly, the sooner you will begin to create the momentum for summer business and your fall and holiday season. On the other hand, if you wait two weeks to start making booking contacts, you're still three weeks out from earning any income for your efforts.

The sooner you start contacting and booking, the sooner you'll make money! Now, how do you get hosts to book a party in the next seven days? Incentives are a great way to get "sooner" bookings. Whenever I had a cancellation and I needed to fill that spot, I would offer an incentive. Whether on a booking contact or at a party, you can say, "I just had an opening come up that I would like to fill. The first person to book that night will get the (choose a product) for $5." When I did this, I offered a pretty three-piece set of candle holders we carried that cost $31.95. I could get it for half price, and they paid $5, so that booking cost me $11. That means I earned about $140 at that party that I would not have made if I hadn't been able to fill that spot. A pretty good investment!

Once you schedule two bookings to be held in in the next seven days, offer another incentive at these parties to book another three parties from these. It will work like this:

Tip: A dollar amount is better than "free." I always got more response with a dollar amount than if I offered it for free. A discounted amount says, "What a good deal!" A product for "free" says, "What's the catch?"

In seven days you will have held two parties, and booked six or more new parties. You will hold at least eight parties in the next three weeks. If you earn just $100 per party, you will have $800 in your pocket within four weeks!

Then, when you play the Dice Game, or another favorite booking game at those six new parties, you should have 12 to 18 new bookings for the next month!

You are capable of excellence, so go for it! - ~ Shari

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