Shari McAllister

Get On the Fast Track
to Growing Your Direct Sales
Party Plan Business
WITH Shari McAllister

What You Need to Know About
Reaching Excellence in Your Direct Sales Business

As a direct sales party plan consultant or leader, are you working more than 25 hours per week and falling short of your goals? If so, even though we haven't met, I can assure you the problem isn't you, it's not the products you're selling, and it's not the company you represent.

Over the last 25+ years I've worked with thousands of women representing every type of party plan product, in every area, with all types of direct sales companies. Every person who consistently follows our simple, fail-proof systems produces dramatic, ongoing results. Background, personality, age, education level - none of it matters.

How to Build Your Direct Sales Organization
Bigger, Better, and Faster

The key to building a giant direct sales party plan organization quickly is consistently using the right systems. It's that simple. In training you, your team, or your field will discover what to do, why to do it, and exactly how to do it in today's quickly changing market. Consultants and leaders around the country use our cutting edge, fail-proof systems to get bookings, recruit, increase sales, develop leaders and promote themselves.

Take Action Now and
See Dramatic Results within Four Weeks of Training

If performance is slipping it's time for training with the direct sales "Fast Track" how-to girl, Shari McAllister, the queen of systems. She has a knack for figuring out what works and turning it into a system that any direct sales party plan consultant, leader, or organization can follow to achieve dramatic results in just a few weeks.

Prepare for dramatic results as bookings increase, sales increase, recruiting increases and leaders are promoted.

The "Average" Beginnings of The Direct Sales Industry's TOP, FAST-TRACK Speaker and Trainer
Shari McAllister

In 1985, when I started in direct sales, I didn't have any grand aspirations. It just looked a whole lot better than my 13-hour days running an in-home daycare. My confidence grew as one modest success led to another. Within a few years people were calling me a "fast tracker". I led one team from zero to $14,000,000 a year in six years. That was pretty cool!! But what I'm more proud of and what made a bigger impact on me was teaching my leaders how to grow faster than I did. Six of my top level leaders were earning six-figures per year. I developed and led 140 leaders plus six Regional and Senior Regional Vice Presidents. Then I worked for fourteen years as a direct sales executive in sales, training, and leadership. I know how to create success for both sides of our business.

You are capable of excellence, so go for it!