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Whether you're expecting a few hundred or a several thousand attendees - direct sales fast track speaker Shari McAllister will engage and excite your consultants and leaders at your conference keynote event. Watch the light bulbs go on all around the room as they discover what to do, why to do it, and exactly how to it in today's market - from bookings and sales to recruiting and leadership. Your consultants and leaders will have their own actionable plan and new found excitement about creating their dream lifestyle with your company.

Why it's More Important than Ever to
Hire Fast Track Direct Sales Speaker Shari McAllister

The direct sales industry has been hard hit in the last few years. Companies with great products have closed their doors. In times like these, the right marketing methods produce dramatic results with less effort. Surprisingly, many companies still train their consultants to market like we did five, ten, even twenty years ago. Using outdated methods like phone calls to book parties is not only discouraging, it saps energy and wastes precious time. It's no wonder so many consultants are hopeless about their prospects of creating their dream lifestyle through direct sales. The minute consultants know how to easily reach and connect with today's woman it's an instant game changer. For example, with our popular "how to" training on using email, text, and social media - bookings, sales, and enthusiasm skyrocket. You'll see amazing results in just a few weeks!

Your target audience is changing rapidly. Shari McAllister will train your consultants on the fail-proof, proven-successful ways to connect and engage with today's market - no matter what your product is or what area your consultants live in.

The Simple Secret to Fail-Proof Success in Marketing Direct Sales Products

To stay on top of the market, Shari McAllister personally coaches 30+ consultants and leaders. When the market shifts Shari knows about it within a week. And by the end of the next week she knows exactly how to adapt or take advantage of it. Shari tests and refines until it's proven successful with any product and in any area. Only when it's fail-proof does she train your audience on it.

Setting the Stage for Success Before Your Big Event

Before your keynote event, you'll have two or three calls with Shari so she understands your conference goals, the challenges you want to address, and your company. When Shari speaks to your field her goal is to be a seamless extension of your company. She'll also ask you about your company culture, philosophy, and language/vocabulary. Your keynote presentation will be tailored to meet your goals and, as you listen, to feel like she's a longtime member of your organization. Shari is mindful that no attendee lose focus for even a moment because, for example, they hear the word "recruiting" when in your company it's referred to as "sponsoring". It's no small thing for us because we know it makes a big difference for you and your consultants.

Creating Buzz for Your Big Event

We know that excitement about your company conference begins months before anyone steps into the ballroom. We're here to help you create that buzz in addition to record-setting registrations for your direct sales party plan conference. To support that, Shari hosts a free 30-minute pre-conference teleseminar packed with valuable information for everyone in your field. When your consultants and leaders get a glimpse of the great conference you're planning for them they'll be eager to register. Shari will provide the marketing piece for your team to email to your field and host a dynamic teleseminar packed with useful information they can apply immediately.

We happily go to great lengths to ensure that you are delighted with every aspect of working with our team and ensure that the only surprises are good ones - that your conference goes better than ever and that your results are bigger, better, and faster than you dreamed possible.

Whether your company's sales, bookings, recruiting, and promotions are increasing, flat, or slipping you can't afford not to bring Shari in. You'll see dramatic increases across the board in less than a month.

Shari is passionate about helping direct sales companies and consultants thrive. During her eleven years in the field she reached the top one percent level in three direct sale party plan companies. After fourteen years working at the executive level in three different direct sales party plan companies Shari developed the unique ability to help direct sales companies and consultants create fast track results. Learn more about Shari's background in direct sales.

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