Six Ideas to Help Maintain a Consistent Summer
in Your Direct Sales Business!

Although it may not be as easy to keep your direct sales business consistent in the summer as it is in other months, those who do have a jump on those who don't when the fall and holiday season hits!

Those who choose to take the summer off, find themselves starting from scratch all over again in September. Those who hold just four parties in June, and book two parties from each of those, have eight bookings for July. If just five of those hold in July, and you book two parties from each of those parties, you will go into August with 10 parties on your calendar.

When seven of those hold in August, and you book two from each party, you will have 14 parties booked into September. You have created momentum all summer to have a spectacular fall season instead of simply waiting for fall season to arrive.

How much income would you have earned if you held four parties in June, five parties in July and seven parties in August? If it's just $100 per party, you will have earned $1600! What would you do with that? A family getaway? Buy school clothes? Not only would you earn a pretty good income through the summer, you would be setting yourself up to have a fabulous fall and holiday season!

Here are six more ideas for a consistent summer in your direct sales party plan business:

1. A 5-1-1 PARTY. Thank you Mary Overton for this idea. The 5 represents the hostess inviting just 5 guests. The1 stands for each guest bringing 1 friend. The second 1 stands for "The party plan consultant will be in and out in one hour!" You'll get more party bookings from hosts who are worried about low attendance and more guests who are willing to attend in the summer if they know it's going to be a short presentation!

2. PARTY ON THE GO. Many of you have probably done catalog parties in the past. This is a little twist on that. Take a festive gift bag with a summer pattern. Put the catalogs, guest order forms, pens, and a few samples of the products in the bag. They can take the gift bag with them to work all week, to family gatherings, BBQs, etc., and collect orders.

3. MYSTERY HOST PARTY. You host this party and invite customers, hosts, family, and friends. Everyone who orders goes into the drawing for the host credits. I would draw names for $50 increments for the free product, others for the half-priced items and others for the hostess specials.

4. SUMMER BOOTHS. There are summer festivals where you can get an inexpensive booth for the weekend to meet new people to book parties, sell product, and sponsor. I am typically not a big fan of vendor booths. It takes a very skilled, confident person to have success at most of them and they are usually expensive. Many summer booths are much less expensive and people are moving at a slower, more relaxed pace than they do at an indoor event, so you have more time to generate interest. In the slower summer months this is a good option.

5. BINGO NIGHT. Invite guests, hosts, anybody and everybody to your XYZ Company Bingo Night. This is even more fun if you partner up with two or three other direct sales consultants for higher attendance. Teaming up can add more energy and excitement. Each consultant contributes product prizes for the evening. I'd charge $5 per person and hold it at a pizza place that has a meeting room. The $5 includes pizza and soda. As guests arrive give them a name tag and a bingo card. Start with a bingo game then do a short product demo. Then give them an opportunity to order. A $50 order earns them a second bingo card. A $100 order earns them two extra cards. Then play a second bingo game. Make sure each bingo game is different. The real bingo players really get into it by this time, chanting out the bingo slogans (I had no idea these even existed)! Then do a host presentation; (what you can earn by hosting a party this month.) Give them an opportunity to book a party at this point.

(I always offer an incentive to book a party.) Plus anyone who books a party (in the next 30 days) gets an additional card. It's important that at every juncture you make it very clear that if they do order product or book a party they get an extra card.

In case you haven't noticed, people can be very competitive! So, play another game of bingo. Now it's time to share the business opportunity, briefly, but in a fun and exciting way. Give them an opportunity to book their starter/launch party. Anyone who says yes to the opportunity gets TWO additional cards! You are creating a bingo frenzy! This night will generate sales, bookings and new consultants.

The keys: keep it moving, energetic and lively; only give extra cards to those who order product, book parties, or agree to sign up in the next 30 days. Close with "black-out bingo."

6. HAVE A SALE! I held a personal sale. Attendance grew every year, but even the first year it was $1,300. I would have new discontinued product, new current product, both offered at a discount, and used product that I discounted heavily. I sent out an email, called as many as I could get to, and put out a sign on every street corner. On the last couple of sales, I partnered with one of my leaders for even higher attendance. Our last sale generated about $5,000! We did a live sale every summer and Thanksgiving weekend. We held it Saturday and Sunday. Sunday had a much lower attendance as everyone wanted to get there before the "good stuff" was gone. If you don't want to do a live sale, you can just take orders over the phone and through email. I did that every January.

I hope these ideas help you have a great summer!

You are capable of excellence, so go for it! ~ Shari

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